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Domestic & Industrial Threshold Door Seals

Product 107


Acoustic, draught and weather threshold seals for domestic or industrial use

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Industrial Door Seals

Industrial door seals, interior and exterior seal designed for flat thresholds.

  • Made of high tensile plastic, making it sufficiently durable and able to take heavy corridor and entrance traffic. For example, prams, trolleys, bikes, and fork lift trucks without causing harm to the effectiveness of the brush seals. Designed for use in conjunction with existing or newly installed fire doors.
  • Giving better weather, draught and acoustic sealing.
  • Moreover, the seal is easy to fit requiring no rebate.
  • In addition, made from high tensile fireproof plastic mouldings.
  • Available in black, brown as well as grey as standard.

Furthermore, can be used in conjunction with a range of our door and threshold seal products, such as Products 73, 74, 75, 119, and 120.

Our range of acoustic, draught, and weather seals are specifically designed to offer effective protection against noise, pollution, smoke, weather, and draughts. Browse our Door and Window Seals online.

Envirograf® passive fire products carry the hallmark of excellence, reflecting the high standards that prevail in its laboratory, test rig, and manufacturing plant. Envirograf® passive fire products are subject to rigorous quality control which, at all stages, ensures products remain at the leading edge of fire containment technology. This quality has earned the company and its passive fire products a high reputation. With its operating system accredited to ISO9001.


– Flat profile allows easy passage for wheeled traffic, such as bikes, fork-lift trucks, prams, trolleys and wheelchairs

– Available in a range of colours

– Sufficiently durable to take heavy corridor and entrance traffic without impairing effectiveness of any installed acoustic, draught or weather seals

– Can be used in conjunction with a range of our door and threshold seal products, such as Products 73, 74, 75, 119 and 120

Application Instructions

Remove the carpet section from the seal, drill and screw the seal into position and slot the carpet back into the holder unit. Fixing screws are included. Application of flexible mastic sealant to the underside of the mouldings ensures a water-tight seal.
When used in combination with other Envirograf® seals on the door, the Envirograf® IT seal offers acoustic, draught and weather protection in situations where a threshold seal is required on a flat surface, particularly where there is no weather bar. The seal is suitable for internal or external use. The seals are not affected by sea air or water.

Order References / Sizes

Ref               Length

IT1050          1050mm

IT2100          2100mm