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Gaskets (Electrical Putty Pads) for Dry Lining Boxes

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Self-adhesive gaskets for dry lining socket boxes

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Electrical Putty Pads for Dry Lining Boxes

Top-selling electrical putty pads designed with intumescent for dry lining boxes. Electrical protection gaskets for BESA or universal boxes, where conduits pass through fire-rated ceilings and walls. BESA or universal boxes must have intumescent gaskets fitted to stop fire penetrating. Furthermore, metal socket boxes must have gaskets installed where they’re back-to-back, this also includes if cables pass through walls.

Our extensive range of expanding intumescent gaskets and linings are ideal for a wide range of standard electrical boxes.

This streamlined product, with its double-action design, will help to save lives and combat both airborne and impact sound.

  • Extremely flexible and easily fitted in seconds for all types of dry lining switches and socket boxes, saving valuable installation time.
  • Provides up to 4 hours of fire protection for electrical sockets fitted into dry lining walls.
  • Available for multiple sizes to fit into varying socket boxes housing electrical wires.
  • An acoustic version of gaskets for dry lining boxes is also available.

Our electrical and plumbing products meet IET wiring regulations as well as Document B & E of Building Regulations tested to European and British Standards. Browse our full range of electrical and plumbing products.


– Solutions for both plastic and metal boxes, providing up to 4 hours protection- Compatible with single or double socket or switch boxes, BESA boxes, universal conduit boxes and ceiling roses
– Complies with IEE Wiring Regulations, bringing standard boxes in line with Document B

Application Instructions

Intumescent gaskets are essential in metal or plastic boxes where
cables pass back through a wall. Gaskets must be fitted to all dry lining boxes in
partition walls. Without these gaskets fire can spread into the partition within 4-5
minutes. Where cables run through back to back boxes in brick or block walls, flames
can pass through within 6 minutes, resulting in a wall or partition only 6 minutes of
fire integrity.
Gaskets for use inside metal or plastic boxes are made to the size of the box and
come with self-adhesive fixing on the back. Once the backing paper has been peeled
off the fixing strip, the gasket can be adhered to the inside of the box. Holes can be
cut into the gasket with a sharp knife to receive cables, or the gasket can be cut to fit
the back of the box if cables are already fitted. Dry lining boxes in walls have two
pads per box, made to size and adhered top and bottom.
Plasterboard ceiling rose boxes can be protected by means of an intumescent cover
which folds up and is passed through the hole in the ceiling. A hole is then cut in the
cover to receive the cables, which are then pulled through the cover, box and ceiling
before connecting the ceiling rose.
Ceiling rose gaskets to fit over the ceiling rose or hook plate should be fitted where
more than two cables pass through the ceiling. A hole is made in the gasket through
which the cables are passed. The backing paper of the self adhesive fixing strip is
then peeled off and the gasket is adhered to the ceiling. The pendant or light fitting
can then be fitted.

**WARNING** Gaskets are made to fit within socket boxes – do not cut or trim in half.


Order References / Sizes



REF                            DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                      

SSB                             Gasket set for Single Shallow Box                             2 gaskets per set

DSB                            Gasket set for Double Shallow Box                           2 gaskets per set

SDB                            Gasket set for Single Deep Box                                 2 gaskets per set

DDB                           Gasket set for Double Deep Box                                2 gaskets per set

TDB                            Gasket set for Twinned Single Deep Box                  4 gaskets per set

3DB                            Gasket set for Triple Deep Box                                  4 gaskets per set

MTC                            Square intumescent cover for Marshall-Tufflex or similar dry lining box

MTC/A                        Acoustic & intumescent cover for Marshall-Tufflex or similar dry lining box