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Why do we need Fire Testing?

Regular Fire Testing ensures that buildings meet regulations and certified passive fire products better protect buildings in the unfortunate event of a fire. Both residential and commercial properties should undertake regular testing to guarantee that fire protection systems are up to standard.

It is similarly important that as a passive fire product manufacturer, we ensure that products are rigorously tested to meet British and European Standards. At Envirograf® it is our priority to undergo fire tests so that our products meet the required standards. Therefore protecting our customers and buildings. As well as undergoing in-house fire tests at our two furnace rigs, we regularly work with third-party accredited centres, such as Efectis to acquire accreditations and certifications. 

large furnace fire testing rig at Envirograf®
Large furnace at Envirograf®

Our furnace rigs are frequently in action, testing our products by exposing and monitoring how well they withstand fires. Envirograf® also provides on-site testing services to our clients. Currently, Envirograf® offers indicative fire tests, however, we are currently in the process of obtaining our UKAS accreditation. Once obtained, Envirograf® will receive recognition as a fully accredited testing centre, offering certification for our clients.

Our products include fire barriers, fireproof coatings and adhesives to list a few. Browse our full range of passive fire products online here.

Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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