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What is Fire Stopping?

Fire-stopping is a form of passive fire protection that creates a seal around openings, gaps and spaces in rooms of a building. Creating a seal impedes fires from spreading between compartments, effectively blocking ravaging flames and smoke from spreading. We manufacture patented passive fire products which effectively prevent the spread of fire between building compartments, allowing time for safe evacuation for occupants within buildings.


Why Install Fire Stopping Products?

The purpose of installing fire stopping products is to compartmentalise fires to prevent rapid spread of fire, smoke and heat between rooms or floors. In the absence of passive fire products, fires rapidly spread within minutes in rooms and buildings, becoming engulfed in flames. Smoke silently works its way through buildings, creating a toxic atmosphere that becomes deadly quickly. Statistically, smoke inhalation is the most common cause of fatalities, with burns and overcome by smoke or gas following.


How are Fire Stopping Products Effective?

Our passive fire products are designed using intumescent which swells vastly when exposed to naked flames, creating a barrier or seal. Intumescent fills gaps and voids, preventing fires from spreading within a building or property. Fires are contained quickly, which allows sufficient time for occupants to evacuate and fire rescue services to extinguish fires safely.

We manufacture a wide range of products which are suitable for all areas of buildings. This includes protection for electrical services, ventilation outlets and gaps around doors.


What Products are Available?

Our top-selling intumescent downlight covers and cages maintain the integrity of fire-rated ceilings. Designed with ventilation properties to avoid light fittings overheating and manufactured with intumescent which expands to block fire and smoke from spreading. An acoustic downlight cover is also available and can be made to order.



Our products are suitable for application onto pipes, cables or electrical services. Our range of intumescent gaskets are made to order, fitting into BESA boxes housing electrical cables. Gaskets are manufactured with intumescent material, in action gaskets swells when exposed to flames to prevent fires from spreading rapidly.



Firoblok Sleeves provide effective passive fire protection, crushing PVC pipes in the event of a fire, preventing fires from spreading. For metal pipes, heat transfer is reduced. It’s imperative to have passive fire products installed by professionals who can ensure the correct installation and suitability of fitting fire products.



Other products include a range of door seals to place around door edges with a 3-4mm gap. In the event of a fire, the intumescent material will expand and seal the gap, preventing smoke and fire from spreading. Our range of door products are available online to view or purchase.



We also create a wide range of fireproof paint products which provide effective protection for varying materials and surfaces. Read on for more information on the advantages of fireproof paint.



Furthermore, we manufacture an extensive variety of cavity barriers suitable for protecting voids within buildings. These are available in 1metre lengths and are supplied with screws and brackets for application.




Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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