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Risks from an Electrical Fault Fire

Fire safety tips to prevent an electrical fault fire in homes and buildings

Electrical faults arise from overloaded sockets

A recent house fire incident in Sittingbourne, Kent originated from an electrical fault, as reported by the local fire rescue services. Very often, electrical outlets become overloaded or dangerously exposed, causing overheating, electric shocks and furthermore, serious fires. Electrical faults

The rise of consumers shopping via online retailers also increases the risk of the unlawful sale of dangerous electrical goods. UK Regulations Where possible, check for CE markings, read the instruction manual and be mindful of product recalls.

It’s possible to prevent an electrical fault fire by installing intumescent gaskets into BESA boxes that house electrical cables. Cut in various sizes to fit both single and double socket boxes, and adhered with an adhesive strip. Manufactured with intumescent which expands when attacked by flames, the gasket prevents fires from spreading beyond the output sockets.

Envirograf manufacturers the largest range of Passive Fire products. Suited for a wide range of applications, including fire barriers, fire stopping products and more. We regularly upgrade our products and test products at third-party accredited fire centres. Our high-quality passive fire products satisfy Building Control where buildings do not currently meet UK Fire Standards.

A limited range of our passive fire products are available to purchase online. You can download our data sheets, application sheets as well as health and safety sheets. For further information about passive fire protection, visit our Products page or contact our Technical Team on 01304 842 555 to discuss your project requirements.

Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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