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Welding blankets and pads

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Lightweight, asbestos-free welding pads and blankets

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Welding Blankets and Pads

Welding blankets, easy to handle, non-asbestos welding pads. Measuring 200mm x 300mm and large, heat-resistant blankets designed to minimise splash damage from flames. Capable of withstanding continuous temperatures of 600°C as well as short-term temperatures of up to 1400°C. For welders and plumbers when joining pipes with heat, protecting walls and wood.

The welding pads are used behind blow lamps for flame protection to walls, pipes, and other fixtures. Additionally, the blankets have fixing eyelets for hanging. Furthermore, both the pads and blankets are fibre-free, making them suitable for use in hospital sterile areas.

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– Welding pads are to be used behind blow-lamps for flame protection to walls, pipes, and other fixtures

– Welding blankets have fixing eyelets, so they can be hung or fitted around areas needing protection from welding flames and splashes

– Both pads and blankets are free from fibres, making them suitable for use in sterile areas

Order References / Sizes

Welding blankets

Ref                 Dimensions

ES/WC1        1000mm x 950mm

ES/WC2        2000mm x 950mm

ES/WC3        2000mm x 1850mm

Welding pads

Ref                 Dimensions

ES/WP1         200mm x 300mm