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Welding blankets and pads

Product 88


Lightweight, asbestos-free welding pads and blankets

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Easy to handle, non-asbestos welding pads measuring 200mm x 300mm and large, heat-resistant welding blankets designed to minimise splash damage from welding flames. Capable of withstanding continuous temperatures of 600°C and short-term temperatures of up to 1400°C.


– Welding pads are to be used behind blow-lamps for flame protection to walls, pipes, and other fixtures

– Welding blankets have fixing eyelets, so they can be hung or fitted around areas needing protection from welding flames and splashes

– Both pads and blankets are free from fibres, making them suitable for use in sterile areas

Order References / Sizes

Welding blankets

Ref                 Dimensions

ES/WC1        1000mm x 950mm

ES/WC2        2000mm x 950mm

ES/WC3        2000mm x 1850mm

Welding pads

Ref                 Dimensions

ES/WP1         200mm x 300mm