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Weather bar seals

Product 119


Acoustic, draught and weather seal to be used in conjunction with threshold protection

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A PVC sealing strip that is applied to the bottom edge of doors, available in a range of colours. Ideally used in conjunction with Envirograf® threshold seal products to provide full acoustic, draught and weather sealing.


– Can be used in conjunction with Envirograf® Products 106 and 107 (threshold seals) for a complete solution to threshold draught and weather sealing

– Available in 1050mm and 2100mm lengths

Application Instructions

Envirograf® weather bar seals are either screwed to the bottom of the interior and exterior faces of the door or just the interior if Product 120 has been fitted to the exterior, in such a position as to minimise the gap between the bottom of the door and the threshold sealing strip. Offers effective weather and draught protection when used in conjunction with Product 106 or 107.

Order References / Sizes

Ref                  Length

ACS/1050       1050mm

ACS/2100       2100mm