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Timber frame fire coat

Product 145


Coating for use during construction, achieving 30-60 minute fire protection for structural timber

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TFFC is a unique timber fireproof paint. Designed for protecting timber framed buildings during the construction phase. TFFC offers between 30 – 60 minutes fire rating dependant upon the thickness of the timbers. The coating offers a robust weather proof finish ideal for all open construction site conditions. Envirograf also offers intumescent paint varnish for wood and various coatings for other substrates.


– Can be easily applied by brush, roller or spray

– Provides Class 0/Class 1, 60 minutes fire protection and SBI.

– Ideal for use on load-bearing timber

Application Instructions

Can be applied using brush, roller or spray. One coat at 12m² per litre is required for Class 0/Class 1 and European SBI.
One coat at 6m² per litre is required for 30 minutes fire protection.
Two coats at 8m² per litre per coat is required for 60 minutes fire protection.
TFFC dries in one hour.
TFFC should be applied in dry conditions.

Order References / Sizes

Ref               Size

TFFC/1        1 litre

TFFC/2.5     2.5 litres

TFFC/5        5 litres

TFFC/20      20 litres