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Stabond stabilizing bonding/sealing liquid

Product 93


Bonding and sealing liquid for porous surfaces such as wood or plaster

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Stabond Bonding liquid for plaster, suited for porous surfaces such as plaster ceilings and also walls. A transparent, water-based bonding and sealing liquid. Ideal for sealing timber doors prior to upgrading them with coatings or upgrade kits.


– Ideal for priming and sealing surfaces prior to painting or bonding

– Can be used to seal wood prior to upgrading doors with our upgrade kit (Product 38)

– Solvent free and supplied ready to use

– Designed to be readily absorbed to form a stable surface finish for application of fire retardant coatings, emulsions, varnishes and adhesives (including double-sided tape)

Application Instructions

Supplied ready to use. Can be applied by brush or spray.

Preparation of existing painted or varnished doors:
Wash the doors down with detergent water and clean off with warm, clean water. Ensure that all wax and grease has been cleaned off. An Envirograf® de-waxing fluid is available if required. Rub all the panels with coarse glass paper and be certain to dust off and remove all flaking varnish and ensure all corners are given a good key, then apply one coat of Stabond sealing liquid.

Tack free time: Approximately 10 minutes depending on surface type, temperature and humidity
Brushes / tools can be cleaned with warm water.

Order References / Sizes

Ref                    Volume

ES/Stabond     1 litre