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Rebated intumescent fire and smoke seals with aluminum holder

Product 76


A rebated, aluminium holder fitted with a range of fire and smoke seals

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A range of smoke seal holders, either with or without an intumescent fire seal. Rebated into fire doors or frames to provide smoke and fire protection. The holders are able to accommodate a variety of smoke seals.

ES/SM30: A 30-minute fire rated version. Comprising an aluminium holder with a choice of brush or straight rubber seals in a range of sizes.

ES/SM60: A 60-minute fire rated version. Comprising an aluminium holder with intumescent facing. Available with a choice of brush or straight rubber seals in a range of sizes.

ES/SM60/P: A 60-minute rated plastic holder fitted with intumescent material. The holder is rebated into wooden fire doors or frames opposite ES/SM60 seals, which then provides additional protection and sealing.


– Able to accommodate both brush and rubber smoke seals

– Intumescent material fitted to ES/SM60 holders will provide additional fire protection

– ES/SM60/P can be fitted opposite aluminium holders to provide increased protection and sealing efficiency

Application Instructions

ES/SM60: Fit the aluminium profile into the rebate and fix with the nails supplied. Peel off the backing strip from the intumescent finishing piece and adhere is to the aluminium holder, thus hiding the heads of the fixing nails.

ES/SM60/P & ES/SM30: peel off the backing strip from the profile and adhere into the rebate.

Important: The brush seal length must be between 1 – 1.5mm longer than the door gap between frame or adjacent double door.

Order References / Sizes

Aluminium holders

Ref                    Seal types                           Unit dimensions (DxWxL)       Fire rating

ES/SM30          Brush, straight rubber          9mm x 7mm x 2200mm            30 minutes

ES/SM60          Brush, straight rubber          6mm x 20mm x 2200mm          60 minutes

Smoke seals

Simply add the following suffixes to the above aluminium holder references, making sure to specify required seal size.

Ref           Seal type             Sizes                          Colours

/B             Brush                   5mm, 7mm, 10mm     White, brown, black, grey

/S             Straight rubber    4mm, 7mm                  Black

Plastic holder

To be rebated into wooden fire doors or frames opposite ES/SM60 seals, providing additional protection and sealing.

Ref                     Unit dimensions (DxWxL)       Fire rating   

ES/SM60/P        7mm x 20mm x 2200mm          60 minutes