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Rebated intumescent fire and fire/smoke seals in two types

Product 100


Adhesive rebated door seals with optional smoke seals, ideal for single and double-action doors

Not available to purchase online.

Please contact us on +44 (0) 1 304 842 555 to order.


Plastic intumescent strip seals which are easily installed in new or existing doors, available in brown or white as standard. Can be supplied with or without smoke seals and in two lengths, 1050mm and 2100mm. Simply clips in and out of the groove, making adjustments at the door fitting stage quick and easy.


– Fitted with self-adhesive backing to adhere into the rebate

– Both brush and rubber smoke seals are available in a range of colours

– Used for fitting to doors, door frames and windows

– Once fitted, the plastic facing of the seals can be painted, although the smoke seal must not be painted

Application Instructions

Can be fitted into doors, door frames and windows. Make a rebate in the frame or door to suit the size of the holder, adding 1mm to the width of the holder to allow for shrinkage of timber/paint. Peel off backing paper and fit seal into routed channel. Panel pins can be used for extra security of fixing if required. Once fitted the plastic facing of the seals can be painted, although the brush or rubber smoke seal must NOT be painted.

Order References / Sizes

Intumescent fire seals

Ref                Size                                        Fire rating

IS13/1050     10mm x 3mm x 1050mm       30 minutes

IS13/2100     10mm x 3mm x 2100mm       30 minutes

IS14/1050     10mm x 4mm x 1050mm       30 minutes

IS14/2100     10mm x 4mm x 2100mm       30 minutes

IS15/1050     15mm x 3mm x 1050mm       60 minutes

IS15/2100     15mm x 3mm x 2100mm       60 minutes

IS154/1050   15mm x 4mm x 1050mm       60 minutes

IS154/2100   15mm x 4mm x 2100mm       60 minutes

IS24/1050     20mm x 4mm x 1050mm       60 minutes

IS24/2100     20mm x 4mm x 2100mm       60 minutes

All of the above items are available with a 5mm, 7mm or 10mm brush smoke seal, simply add /S to the order reference and specify desired brush colour (black, brown, grey, white).

12mm or 15mm brush smoke seals can also be fitted and are available in grey or white only.

Neoprene smoke seals

Available in straight or angled profiles in a range of sizes.

Straight: 5mm, 7mm, 10mm

Angled: 6mm, 9mm

All neoprene rubber seals are available in 1050mm or 2100mm lengths.

Neoprene seals can also be ordered fitted into the above intumescent fire seals, simply add /NS to the order reference and specify profile and size required.

Note: All brush and rubber seals are embedded approximately 2mm into the holder, meaning that they will protrude 2mm less than their overall length, i.e. a 5mm seal will actually protrude only 3mm.