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Rainscreen Cavity Barrier Range

Product 55


[ RS/WB ] [ RSF/RSM ]

Rainscreen cavity barriers with washer or bracket fixings for facade cladding systems.

Not available to purchase online.

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A range of flexible, moisture-resistant cavity barriers for providing an effective fire and smoke seal in the cavity between brick or block walls and rainscreen cladding.
RS/WB Flexible Foiled Rainscreen Cavity Barriers

A barrier consisting of an intumescent strip faced with high tensile foil, which expands to create a powerful fire and smoke seal. Available in a ventilated form with two rows of holes (RS/VWB), or faced with a cavity strip barrier (RS/WB/CV) which will expand outwards in a fire to seal off larger cavities. Can be fitted with either washer fixings or bracket fixings, depending on the width of the cavity.

RSF and RSM Flexible Sponge Rainscreen Cavity Barriers

Intumescent impregnated sponge barriers with fire and smoke stopping capabilities, clad in either moisture resistant foil (RSF) or a durable, intumescent-coated material (RSM). Available in a ventilated form fitted with one or two rows of holes (RSF/A and RSM/A), both of which are fitted a rubberised intumescent strip. Also available with a thick, front-facing strip of intumescent which will expand outwards in a fire (RSF/I and RSM/I). All are fitted with bracket fixings.


– Barriers have a slim profile without compromising fire rating – will still protect for up to 2 hours
– Non-fibrous, dust-free and easy to install with washers or brackets
– The entire RS range can be fitted vertically or horizontally

Case Studies

Order References / Sizes

RS/WB Rainscreen Barriers 
   WASHERS                                                       BRACKETS
Ref                                      Width                            Ref                                     Width
RS/WB/W80                     80mm                            RS/WB/B80                      80mm
RS/WB/W120                 120mm                           RS/WB/B120                  120mm
RS/WB/W150                 150mm                           RS/WB/B150                  150mm
RS/WB/W200                 200mm                           RS/WB/B200                  200mm
RS/WB/W250                 250mm                           RS/WB/B250                  250mm
Only with brackets                                                RS/WB/B300                  300mm
Only with brackets                                                RS/WB/B350                  350mm

RSF RANGE                  30/60 minutes / Thickness   40mm                 120 minutes / Thickness 50mm

RSF Non-ventilated                                    1 metre long
Ref                                  Width
RSF150                          150mm
RSF180                          180mm
RSF200                          200mm
RSF250                          250mm
RSF300                          300mm


RSF/I with intumescent                            1 metre long
Ref                                    Width
RSF/I/150                       150mm
RSF/I/180                       180mm
RSF/I/200                       200mm
RSF/I/250                       250mm
RSF/I/300                       300mm


RSF/A with ventilation holes                   1 metre long
Ref                                     Width
RSF/A/150                      150mm
RSF/A/180                      180mm
RSF/A/200                      200mm
RSF/A/250                      250mm
RSF/A/300                      300mm

RSM RANGE                  30/60 minutes / Thickness   40mm                 120 minutes / Thickness 50mm

RSM Non-ventilated                                     1 metre long
Ref                                  Width
RSM150                          150mm
RSM180                          180mm
RSM200                          200mm
RSM250                          250mm
RSM300                          300mm

RSM/I with intumescent                             1 metre long
Ref                                    Width
RSM/I/150                       150mm
RSM/I/180                       180mm
RSM/I/200                       200mm
RSM/I/250                       250mm
RSM/I/300                       300mm

RSM/A with ventilation holes                   1 metre long
Ref                                     Width
RSM/A/150                      150mm
RSM/A/180                      180mm
RSM/A/200                      200mm
RSM/A/250                      250mm
RSM/A/300                      300mm