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Protective covers for works of art and other valuables

Product 126


Fire and smoke resistant covers for a wide range of valuable items, made to order

Not available to purchase online.

Please contact us on +44 (0) 1 304 842 555 to order.


A range of bespoke fire and smoke resistant covers, designed to prevent fire and smoke damage to valuable items, for example paintings, furniture and large musical instruments such as pianos.


– Made to order, fitting each individual item exactly to provide an effective fire and smoke seal

– Ideal for use in art galleries and museums to protect paintings and other works of art

– Provides up to 20 minutes fire and smoke protection, allowing for fire to be extinguished and valuable items removed before significant damage is done

Application Instructions

Fitting instructions for framed paintings:
The covers are simple to fit. Start at the top of the frame and secure the back piece of material over the painting. Straighten the remainder of the cover and stretch the elastic straps around the back of the picture. The cover will remain in place.

Note: Due to the bespoke nature of this product, there is no universal method of fitting the cover to items other than paintings. Please refer to our technical team for additional advice.

Order References / Sizes

This item is made to order. Please contact our technical team for advice on sizes and pricing.