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Product 123


A range of fire barrier products designed to compartmentalise loft spaces and protect thatched roofs

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A glass fibre cloth fire barrier curtain, graphite coated on one side and with aluminium backing to give thermal insulation properties. Designed for use in roof voids to protect thatch. Also part of the range is a protective board for chimney areas in thatched roofs.


– Can be made for use around steel columns and cross members; each section will be made separately with the joint placed where outside materials are being fixed to the steelwork. Where each section comes together, there will be an overlap joint to seal

– There are no fibres when cutting or fixing the barrier

– Provides robust fire defence and improves thermal insulation of thatched roofs

– THS60 will also provide additional waterproofing

Application Instructions

Barrier curtains can be fitted vertically or horizontally. This product can be overlapped by 30mm; Envirograf® IA adhesive (Product 46) must be used to adhere overlapping joints.
Product 123 can be used over roofs as a roof fire-curtain or fitted internally under trusses for protection from internal to external in a fire.

STB/91/T can be adhered to the chimney brickwork up to the height of the thatch using Envirograf® IA adhesive (Product 46).

Order References / Sizes

Fire barrier curtains

Ref             Width              Fire Rating

TH30/F      1000mm           30 minutes

TH70/F      1000mm           60 minutes

THS60       1300mm           60 minutes


Protection board for chimney areas

Ref                Size

STB/91/T      6mm thick x 1000mm x 1200mm