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Intumescent ventilation grilles (SVG & HMG)

Product 150


A range of fire and smoke resistant vent grilles for UPVC or metal door and window frames

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Ventilation grilles for windows and doors. Provides complete fire as well as smoke protection, in addition to improved ventilation. Our range of intumescent grilles expand and seal spaces to contain fires before they spread.


– SVG suitable for ventilation for all UPVC frames but especially useful for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms

– HMG designed to fit into head reveals on metal cased windows, or into windows such as in fire escape corridors, bathrooms and kitchens

– Both types are fitted with intumescent which will expand in a fire, sealing the grille whether it is in the open or closed position

Application Instructions

SVG metal grille available in two standard sizes or can be made to suit. Fit in the frame head over uPVC windows at time of installing windows. Particularly suitable for bathroom and kitchen windows.

HMG metal grille available in two options. Option /C for use in metal casement frames above windows giving ventilation to the ceiling above – a single section screwed in place. Option /W fitted directly into the glazing of a bathroom or kitchen window – two sections screwed together either side of the hole.

Order References / Sizes

SVG Grilles       

Ref                         To fit aperture size (W x H x D) 

SVG360                 360mm x 100mm x 100mm

SVG900                 900mm x   75mm x   60mm

HMG Grilles

Ref                         Size

HMG1                    280mm x 110mm

HMG2                    280mm x 140mm