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Insulation liner for metal consumer unit

Product 20


Liner for metal consumer unit to prevent loose cabling causing the unit to become live.

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Metal consumer units pose a great risk of becoming live due to overheated cables loosening up and touching the box, which hasn’t been properly earthed. Therefore there is a need for an insulation material to be placed inside the unit to prevent this from happening.

Envirograf® insulation liners consist of a silicone cloth material which should be fitted to the back of the unit using the attached double sided tape.

Order References / Sizes


SLM1         Insulation liner 100mm x 300mm                for metal consumer unit

SLM2         Insulation liner 150mm x 300mm                for metal consumer unit

SLM3         Insulation liner 100mm x 400mm                for metal consumer unit

SLM4         Insulation liner 200mm x 300mm                for metal consumer unit