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Hoverboard Fireproof Charging Cover

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Save your house from burning down. Envirograf’s solution to emerging problem with hoverboards catching fire whilst charging.

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How to prevent a serious fire whilst charging your hoverboard

You’ve probably seen it yourself on many news channels, how dangerous hoverboards can be. Whilst providing some serious adrenaline rush and a huge dose of fun during their use, after going home you don’t want to stay alert all the time thinking what’s going to happen to your hoverboard whilst charging.
To enable you to still have some stress free fun on your board we’ve developed a charging cover, which will enclose the fire and extinguish it within the cover.
By placing your hoverboard and your charger into the cover and securely fastening it with the velcro strips and turn clips, you can prevent a serious spread of fire.
Once the fire has started inside the cover, the flames will burn through the existing supply of oxygen and eventually the fire will extinguish itself, due to the lack of oxygen supply. (Oxygen is one of the necessary three components that creates the fire triangle).

Application Instructions


A – 620mm B – 230mm C – 240mm
other sizes can be made

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Order References / Sizes

HOVER COVER –  620mm long  x   230mm high  x    240mm wide
other sizes can be made


You can purchase this cover from our eBay Shop here: