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High-Temp silicone seal for stoves, boilers etc

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Silicone sealant for use in areas where surface temperature will exceed 50°C

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A ready-mixed, ready-to-use, finely-ground putty substance which remains flexible until cured. Ideal for
patching and repairs to fire-bricks, fireplaces, solid fuel ovens, ranges, boilers and around register


– Can be used as an easy-to-clean, water and oil resistant outer surface

– Remains flexible at high and low temperatures

– For bonding and sealing between a wide range of materials such as metal, glass, ceramic, concrete, stone, clay and glass fibre

– Ideal for heat-proofing, sealing and making water-tight pipes, cables and exhausts

SIL/T silicone tape seal is ideal for sealing gaps between flues on the back of boiler plates, amongst other applications

Application Instructions

All surfaces must be clean and dry and free from dirt, dust, grease and other contamination. Light abrasion of
the surfaces to be bonded will improve the adhesion.
Apply the adhesive from the cartridge, forcing it onto the area to be sealed, then immediately tool it down to
ensure good adhesion. Complete tooling within 5-10 minutes.
When bonding materials, apply a bead of adhesive to one surface and immediately combine the two parts,
applying pressure to ensure good surface contact.
Application equipment should be cleaned with warm water after use.
It is necessary to fully dry the product before subjecting to temperatures above 100oC to prevent gassing and
likely failure of the seal/bond. Allow to air dry for 36-48 hours, after which gentle heat can be gradually
The dried product can be removed with boiling water.

Order References / Sizes

Silicone sealant

Ref                 Size

SSC               310ml tube

Self-adhesive silicone tape in 5m rolls

Ref                 Width

SIL/T/30        30mm

SIL/T/75        75mm