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Firoblok intumescent conduit sleeves

Product 110


Fire resistant sleeve to protect cables passing through one side of a wall and out the other

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Fire resistant sleeves which fit tightly around electrical conduits passing through walls, floors and ceilings. Protrudes from the wall on both sides, protecting the entire length of the conduit inside the wall. Expands inwards in a fire and compresses the conduit to stop fire from spreading through it. Available in either a blue or silver variety – refer to Order References.


– A complete unit providing up to 122 minutes fire and smoke protection for electrical conduits passing through fire barrier walls made from block, brick, concrete and hollow plasterboard- Designed to fit tightly, allowing the sleeve to protect conduits where they pass into a range of electrical socket or switch boxes

Application Instructions

The semi-flexible tube is pushed into the hole for the services – cut to the right size to suit depth of
wall or floor. The semi flexible tube can be cut and fitted around the cables etc. and adhered with the self-adhesive tag then pushed into the wall.
The Intumescent Protection Sleeve System can be fitted over existing services and comes in 20mm and 25mm diameters to fit into sockets or BESA boxes.

Order References / Sizes

Ref                  Profile

[ BLUE ]

110C20              20mm diameter

110C25              25mm diameter



110OC20             20mm diameter

110OC25             25mm diameter