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Fire rated linings for sealing cable entries to metal consumer units

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All metal consumer units are non-combustible, however majority of cables and conduits that connect to them are flammable, therefore necessitating the use of intumescent gaskets to seal them off in a fire.

The intent of Regulation 421.1.201 is considered to be, as far as is reasonably practicable, to contain any fire within the enclosure or cabinet and to minimise the escape of flames, and this is as true of metal consumer units as it is of plastic ones.

Envirograf® manufactures a range of intumescent linings, which in the event of a fire will seal up cable entries, containing the fire within the non-combustible box.

Order References / Sizes

Other sizes can be made to order.

Intumescent Strip for metal consumer unit
protecting the back of the box
SCUB1         100mm x 60mm
SCUB2         150mm x 60mm
SCUB3         150mm x 100mm

Intumescent Strip for metal consumer unit
protecting the top and bottom of the box
SCU1         300mm x 50mm
SCU2         300mm x 75mm

Hollow wall back entry sleeve

SCUS1        105mm x 85mm x 40mm deep
SCUS2        85mm x 40mm x 40mm deep