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Fire protection coating for glassfibre, PVC and UPVC

Product 81


White, fire retardant coating to achieve spread of flame to glass fibre, plastics and UPVC

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A virtually odourless, fire retardant coating for glass fibre, pvc plastics as well as UPVC. When exposed to fire or excessive heat, the product develops an intumescent foam layer which protects the glass fibre. Coloured white as standard, and also made to order in other colours as required.


– Semi-flexible and water-based

– Can be used on a range of plastics, including UPVC and glass fibre

– Ideal for the internal sections of glass fibre boats, cable and engine housings or the internal side of glass fibre sheeting

– Any topcoat can be applied over the top of EP/GC coating

– Dries in 10-15 minutes

Application Instructions

Surface should be dry and grease free. Old non-bonding coating should be removed completely. Apply primer coat first if required. EP/GC Can be applied using brush or spray. Stir well before use. Apply at temperature above +10ºC and relative air humidity under 80%.
Normally applied at a rate of 2 coats at 4m² per litre per coat. Dries in two hours. Tools and equipment can be cleaned using water

Order References / Sizes

Ref             Volume

EP/GC        1 litre


Note: This product can be supplied in larger quantities than 1 litre if required. For details, please use the Request more information button to the right of the page.