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Fire Protected Security Door Viewer

Product 130


Intumescent-lined viewing grille which will maintain the integrity of 30-60 minute fire doors

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A fire-rated security door grille. Suitable for both exterior or interior doors. Comprising a grille, single 6mm armoured glass plate and intumescent strips. Fit into doors or screens from 44mm to 54mm thick.

Avaialable in a range of finishes including black, brown, white as well as light bronze.


– Ideal for monitoring patients in hospitals and for viewing occupants in conference and meeting rooms, prisons, banks, building societies, domestic residences and many other applications

– Provides up to 66 minutes protection, even in the open position

– Four standard colours available, but can be finished in custom colours as required

– Intumescent strips will react and seal the open area of the grille in a fire

– Allows for discreet observation without compromising the door’s integrity

Order References / Sizes

Ref                 Door thickness            Fire Rating

DV30/44         44mm                            30 minutes

DV60/44         44mm                            60 minutes

DV60/54         54mm                            60 minutes