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Ventilated Fire Brick Vent

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Intumescent ventilated fire brick that expands and seals to prevent fire penetration

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Ventilated fire brick (FBV)

Ventilated fire brick (FBV), fireplaces bricks are under a sealed cavity tray (SCT) to allow ventilation. The fire brick vent has sealed intumescent inside, so during a fire the intumescent will expand and seal the brick, to stop fire penetrating and airflow.

Bricks fit under SCT trays at every 2 metres.

  • Designed with small holes to stop rodents from entering the cavity but also designed to allow 41% of free airflow
  • Manufactured from Zintec metal with a powder coating, the standard colour is black but we can make to any colour.
  • 215mm x 102mm x 62mm, EN1366-3 (2009) and EN1364-5 (2017) tested to 85 minutes integrity.

Ventilated fire brick with surround (FBV/S)

The original FBV doesn’t come with a border but we can supply it with a metal border around to hide the cement course. This can also be fitted into plasterboard walls, chimney breasts, or where plasterboard has covered the fireplace opening.

235mm x 122mm x 82mm

Cavity Barriers are pieces of fire-stopping material. They fit within the cavity of a building at each floor horizontally and party wall in a verticle position. The material provides compartmentation. Both the flames and heat cannot be transferred to other compartmental areas. Throughout the life of the building, the Cavity Barrier will remain fixed in place. In the event of a fire, the intumescent material expands and seals off the gaps. Additionally, the horizontal barriers allow for a ventilation gap within the cavity. Subsequently closing when the intumescent expands.

Our Cavity Barrier range at Envirograf® offers superb protection to your building by providing fire stopping. Explore the Cavity Barrier range online.



  • Designed with intumescent which expands and seals a fire
  • Improves free air flow by 41%

Order References / Sizes

FBV     215mm x 102mm x 62mm

FBV/S 235mm x 122mm x 82mm