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External Roof Fire Break Membrane

Product 128


Ready-to-install external unit for providing a fire break between roofs of adjoining properties

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Intumescent Membrane for External Roofs

External Roof Fire Break Membrane, made from a non-porous material. Importantly, this product forms a firebreak between two roofs of adjoining properties. Therefore providing full fire protection from one roof to the next. Fit the membrane directly above the firewall structure. See also Product 129 – Internal Roof Fire Break.

  • Unaffected by moisture, the membrane maintains waterproof integrity as well as fire resistance.
  • Additionally, fit easily with clout nails to roofing trusses.
  • Please note other sizes can be available to order for wider or narrower gaps between trusses on each side of partition walls.

Moreover, External Roof Fire Break Membrane tested to BS476 Part 20/22 (1987), achieving integrity of 72 minutes.

Fire barriers provide an effective solution for rooms or areas within buildings that need fire protection. Browse our full range Fireproof Barriers and Membranes for Protecting Roofs and Thatch online.

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– This system is waterproof and maintains the integrity of the roof system after installation

– The raised seal section of the membrane is designed to fit directly below all types of roofing profiles

– Tile joins can be made directly above the raised section of the membrane seal, or away from this area

– Reinforced with wire mesh in order to support itself when hanging over a wall

Application Instructions

The membrane is supplied as a ready-to-install unit. Fit the membrane directly above the firewall structure. Roofing felt is fitted over the blanket section and roofing battens butt to the raised seal section. The raised seal section of the membrane is designed to fit directly below all types of roofing profile. Easily fitted to roof trusses with ordinary clout nails.

Order References / Sizes

Ref                          Size

FBM160               160mm wide x 1000mm long

FBM250               250mm wide x 1000mm long

FBM350               350mm wide x 1000mm long

Other sizes can be made to order. Please contact our technical team for advice on sizes and pricing.