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Coated Ceramic Quilt for Steel

Product 111


Intumescent quilt to protect structural steel, trunking or ducting

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A 6mm or 9mm thick ceramic quilt providing fire protection for steel, coated with intumescent material. Wraps around angled steels, RSJs, steel tubes, trunking, as well as ventilation ducting and more. A suitable alternative to intumescent steel paint (Product 83).


– A very robust product. It is advisable to clad around the quilting with a casing in areas which are liable to damage

– Cuts cleanly and is ideally suited for the manufacture of the most intricate die-cut shapes and gaskets

– Designed for high temperature insulation up to 1260ºc with a minimum addition of carefully selected bonds

Application Instructions

Wrap around the items using Product 46 (intumescent adhesive) for adhesion, and secure with galvanised wire over the 50mm overlapped ends to finish. The sheet material (CQS) must be overlapped 50mm at walls or joints.

Order References / Sizes

Ref                   Width

CQT/6/050       50mm

CQT/6/075       75mm

CQT/6/100       100mm

CQT/6/150       150mm

CQT/6/1220     1220mm


CQT/9/050     50mm

CQT/9/075     75mm

CQT/9/100     100mm

CQT/9/150     150mm

CQT/9/1220     1220mm