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Cable & Pipe Intumescent Discs

Product 10

10- cable & intumescent discs

For sealing around services passing through dry lining, lath and plaster and solid walls.

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Intumescent Discs

Intumescent Discs are suitable for sealing around services passing through dry lining, lath and plaster and solid walls. Provides 120 minutes of fire protection for plastic pipes and cables, as well as steel and copper pipes. Pre-cut incisions in the disc allow for services and cables to easily pass through. The intumescent material expands when attacked by flames, sealing off pipes as well as services in the event of a fire.

Features a double-sided adhesive backing to adhere onto walls as well as other surfaces for ease of application. For application, remove the yellow strip to expose the adhesive and place onto surface. Cable discs are available in sizes up to 90mm for services up to 55mm. Each box has a quantity of 12 discs, allowing old discs to be replaced where required. There are no harmful substances used during their manufacturing, making it a suitable product for all types of rooms.

Tested to achieve BS EN 1366-3, assessing the effect of such penetrations on the integrity and insulation performance of the separating element concerned. Achieving 120 minutes of fire protection.

Our electrical and plumbing products meet IET wiring regulations as well as Document B & E of Building Regulations tested to European and British Standards. Browse our full range of electrical and plumbing products.

Application Instructions

Peel off adhesive yellow paper.

Open up where cut and splay back fins.

Wrap around service and press to wall.


Order References / Sizes

Supplied in pack of 12. Rings are in 3 sizes:-

  • CAG1 65mm for pipes and cables up to 28mm
  • CAG2 75mm for pipes and cables up to 39mm
  • CAG3 90mm for pipes and cables up to 55mm