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3-2-1/S (Special)

Product 67


Clear, flame proof spray for use with synthetic materials such as nylon or plastics

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3-2-1/S is a clear, odourless, flame proof spray for plastic. Ideal for preventing rapid spread of flame on a most absorbent plastics, nylon as well as other synthetics. Using a cloth to apply product to synthetic materials provides effective fire protection. For flame retardant sprays for upholstery, see 3-2-1 Standard.


– Ideal for use on nylon foliage, for example in hotels, hospitals, restaurants and foyers- Great during the festive period – can be used to protect synthetic Christmas trees, decorations and grotto materials

Application Instructions

First, spray a small sample of the material to ensure it is colour fast.
Apply a generous coating to all surfaces of the material that you wish to treat
ensuring that an even coating is applied. If you can, take a sample piece and test
yourself to ensure enough 3-2-1 Special has been applied and allow it to air dry at room temperature.
If 3-2-1 Special gets wet (rain etc…) then a further treatment will be required to
ensure complete spread of flame protection.
When applying 3-2-1 Special general PPE should be worn for example Gloves,
safety glasses and protective overalls.

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