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Pancake Day Fire Safety

It’s Shrove Tuesday, and with a majority of us looking forward to tucking into some delicious pancakes today, it’s easy to forget the importance of fire safety on a day like Pancake Day.

Pancake day fire safety

According to the GOV.UK Statistics for the financial year 2020 to 2021, the following shocking information was stated:

  • Cooking appliances accounted for 46% of accidental fires in dwellings.
  • Additionally cooking appliances caused 35% of non-fatal casualties.
  • Misuse of equipment or appliance was the cause of 31% of accidental dwelling fires.
  • Food was the material responsible for 18% of dwelling fires.
  • The item first ignited in 26% of dwelling fires was food.

Figures and information compiled by the insurer Policy Expert indicate that on Pancake Day, claims for damage to property, as well as possessions, leap by 20%! Furthermore, this damage is more costly, with statistics showing that claims are 14% higher on Pancake Day compared to any other day.

With this information in mind, here are some things you can do to make your kitchen safer this Shrove Tuesday:

  • Supervise any children or pets in the kitchen at all times.
  • Install smoke alarms and ensure they are working.
  • Never leave hot pans unattended, turn off all appliances when finished.
  • Enjoy your pancakes!

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