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Fire Safety Door Upgrading

In light of Fire Door Safety Week, it’s imperative to comply with UK Building Regulations in delivering high quality, fire-resistant doors for buildings and properties. Envirograf manufactures an intumescent door upgrade kit to assist with upgrading doors to 30-60 minute Fire Door ratings. Paints are delivered to numerous project sites, and works are carried out […]

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UK Fire Incidents March 2021

Fire Rescue Services (FRSs) respond to thousands of fire incidents every year, with a large number of incidents not being directly linked to fires. Fire incidents will often lead to casualties, and in worst-case scenarios fatalities where occupants are unable to escape ravaging smoke and fire. All building structures must be in compliance with UK […]

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Fireproof Innovation and Climate Change

Climate change is a crisis the UK is unable to ignore. In recent years, the impact of construction on climate change has affected atmospheric temperatures, increased the risk of flooding, and caused the destruction of natural habitat areas through the consumption of resources, poor design, and land degradation. Currently, the housing crisis present in the […]

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Envirograf Exhibition Events 2021

After a lengthy delay due to national lockdown restrictions, Envirograf are excited to announce attending numerous exhibition events across the UK. Envirograf at Timber Expo 2018 We will be attending: The Fire Safety Event on 7th September in Birmingham Home Building & Renovation Show on 24th-26th September in London Timber Expo on 14th-16th October in […]

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Envirowall Eco Panel Video

Envirowall eco-home burn test successfully ran for 50 minutes. We are still in the production development stage of producing a sustainable, fire-resistant eco panel to use for residential buildings, and beyond. The event saw a number of fire officers, contractors, architects and more who observed the benefits of our eco panels and fire retardant products. […]

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Envirowall Eco House Post-Event News

As a response to the Grenfell tragedy, Envirograf has manufactured fire-resistant panels for the purpose of constructing eco-homes and flats. As part of a large-scale fire test, we constructed an eco-house made of these prefabricated panels to demonstrate its fire resistance and integrity. The panels are manufactured with MDF board, insulation slabs and mastic adhesive […]

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Values of Ventilation Fire Protection

Homes and buildings require the installation of ventilation systems to improve air quality, reduce smoke levels, and moderate internal temperatures. Stale air is removed to allow fresh air to enter, whilst also removing excessive moisture to reduce condensation dampness. Passive fire products offer effective protection against ventilation systems at high risk of causing fires. Further […]

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Open Day: Envirowall Eco-house Test

We are hosting an Open Day on the 22nd July 2021 at 10AM. We invite you to attend our Eco-house Burn Test at our premises in Barfrestone, Kent (CT15 7JG). Panels are manufactured with insulated slabs adhered between timber panels and coated in fire-resistant paint. They slot together to create structures from a single-storey height […]

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Book your CPD Training Course

Envirograf offers a free CPD training course to tradesmen and other construction professionals looking to widen their knowledge of installation and purposes of passive fire products.  Each session provides an educational insight of fire products by a spokesperson, with videography of products in action. A visual fire demonstration of how intumescent works are performed in […]

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Open Day: Fire Testing Envirowall® Ecopanel

Envirowall ® – a fire-resistant eco panel that offers effective passive fire protection, thermal performance, as well as sound absorption. Over 50 experimental tests have been carried out for Envirowall® eco panels, achieving 133 minutes fire integrity, insulation and load-bearing. Acoustic performance tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 10140-2:2010: 45 (-2;-7) dB. Achieving a […]

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Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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