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Open Day: Fire Testing Envirowall® Ecopanel

Envirowall ® – a fire-resistant eco panel that offers effective passive fire protection, thermal performance, as well as sound absorption. Over 50 experimental tests have been carried out for Envirowall® eco panels, achieving 133 minutes fire integrity, insulation and load-bearing. Acoustic performance tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 10140-2:2010: 45 (-2;-7) dB. Achieving a […]

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New Fireproof Prefabricated EcoHouse

We have been routinely testing a Fireproof Prefab EcoHouse, built using Envirowall – a unique new eco-panel system suited for building bungalows, houses and block of flats. This unique unit has taken 2 years to develop, design and test. The panels are completely fire-resistant tested to over 3 hours which will not burn inside or […]

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Upgrading Doors with Fire Products

Fires can occur suddenly and spread rapidly throughout buildings and properties. The importance of installing fire doors is to compartmentalize fires before they become out of control and spread. Inhaling harmful smoke is also a leading cause of fatalities in a blaze, therefore the need to prevent smoke and fire is imperative for all buildings. […]

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Championing St Margaret’s Cricket Club

Supporting local Club House, St Margaret’s Cosmopolitan Cricket Club Envirograf® proudly sponsors the St Margaret’s Cricket Club and Dover Cosmopolitan’s Cricket Club, a clubhouse whose sports members compete in the Kent Regional League as well as holding friendly sides. Its ample playing fields hosts many bat-and-ball games, creating a sense of fun and entertainment for […]

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Passive Fire Protection for Plumbing

Importance of Passive Fire Protection for Plumbing In recent years, there has been a high record of fire incidents occurring within bathrooms and wetrooms. Without adequate fire protection, fires become out of control and quickly ravage entire structures, risking terraced and neighbouring properties. Water pumping systems rely on durable, reinforced pipeworks that are protected from […]

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Fire Protection for Plumbing Services

Passive fire protection is vital for every room of a home or building, with bathrooms being no exception. We manufacture passive fire products designed to protect plumbing services. Overheated extractor fans, faulty lighting wiring and ventilation grilles are all possible sources of fire outbreaks within bathroom spaces. Our diverse range of passive fire products are […]

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Passive Fire Protection for Electricians

Fire Protection for Electrics The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 is an essential document that set out the regulations to be followed when in contact with electrical equipment. Where required, the document is updated to improve the safety of installation operations and living standards. In more recent news, the 18th Edition of the IET Wiring […]

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What is Fire Stopping?

Fire-stopping is a form of passive fire protection that creates a seal around openings, gaps and spaces in rooms of a building. Creating a seal impedes fires from spreading between compartments, effectively blocking ravaging flames and smoke from spreading. We manufacture patented passive fire products which effectively prevent the spread of fire between building compartments, […]

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Fire Protection for Electrical Services

Envirograf continues to manufacture new products to provide effective passive fire protection for electrical equipment. Overheated electricals cause serious fires within homes and buildings, however installing intumescent products provides protection against these fires. Fire protection for electrical services is essential for ensuring homes are safe from overheated equipment.

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Business Operations at Envirograf

We are continuing business as normal throughout the lockdown period. The safety of our staff and clients are our highest priority, and we have swiftly adapted to creating safer office operations ensuring safe distances are adhered to. Any orders placed online or by telephone are being handled as quickly as possible. For any business enquiries, […]

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Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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