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Fire Safety in Residential Properties

Ensuring fire safety in residential properties is vital in protecting homes, livelihoods, and even lives. In the awful event of a fire, flames and smoke will spread at an alarming rate, therefore destroying everything in its path. Meeting the requirements of Document B – UK Building Regulations will guarantee fire safety. There were a total […]

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Exhibition Events 2022

As we delve into the new year, we here at Envirograf are particularly excited to be returning to exhibition events in 2022! Our passive fire experts are looking forward to meeting with you and will be on hand to discuss your passive fire needs and furthermore, introduce you to our incredible range of products. This […]

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Seasonal Fire Safety Tips this Christmas

Over this year’s Christmas break, it is important to keep safe and be aware of the dangers that put lives and property at risk. Every year, local fire brigades tackle blazes that arise from domestic fires caused by multiple hazards at Christmas time. To ensure you remain safe this festive season, you can follow some […]

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Delivery Information Update 2021

Delivery Information and December Opening Dates We would like to advise you that the factory will close for Christmas after 22nd December and due to reopen on Tuesday 4th January 2022. Therefore, the Christmas collection/delivery schedule is as follows:• The last chance to place an overnight delivery will be Tuesday 21st December (for delivery on […]

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Why do we need Fire Testing?

Regular Fire Testing ensures that buildings meet regulations and certified passive fire products better protect buildings in the unfortunate event of a fire. Both residential and commercial properties should undertake regular testing to guarantee that fire protection systems are up to standard. It is similarly important that as a passive fire product manufacturer, we ensure […]

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What is Fire Safety Compliance

Does your building or property satisfy Building Control? UK Building Regulations regularly update the importance of Fire Safety Compliance and require that all buildings to have adequate fire protection to protect both property and lives. Regular fire risk assessments and monitoring of the quality of buildings ensure that no corner of a building remains unprotected. […]

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Fire Testing Aluminium Composite Panels

Testing fire resistance on 3mm aluminium composite panels with 0.2 skin and LDPE Core Our recent fire test on aluminium composite panels proved successful with the protection of our water-based, fire-resistant coating. The first test piece, held in a vice with 2 pieces of softwood on the back, tested the integrity of the composite panel. […]

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Envirograf Return to Exhibition Events

It’s great to finally return to exhibition events! Now that lockdown restrictions are lifted, we have been able to return to exhibiting products at numerous exhibitions across the UK. This past week we have been at the UK Construction Week exhibition in Birmingham. Our passive fire protection experts thoroughly enjoyed their time at this years […]

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Fire Stopping Elements

The installation of fire-stopping products provides effective passive fire protection for buildings of all types. Installing the correct products ensures that buildings meet the criteria of Document B – UK Building Regulations. In the event that the requirements of Document B and UK Building Regulations are not met, you may be served with an enforcement […]

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Fire Safety Door Upgrading

In light of Fire Door Safety Week, it’s imperative to comply with UK Building Regulations in delivering high quality, fire-resistant doors for buildings and properties. Envirograf manufactures an intumescent door upgrade kit to assist with upgrading doors to 30-60 minute Fire Door ratings. Paints are delivered to numerous project sites, and works are carried out […]

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Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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