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New Fireproof Prefabricated EcoHouse

We have been routinely testing a Fireproof Prefab EcoHouse, built using Envirowall – a unique new eco-panel system suited for building bungalows, houses and block of flats.

This unique unit has taken 2 years to develop, design and test.

  • The panels are completely fire-resistant tested to over 3 hours which will not burn inside or outside
  • Tested at BTC for impact and airborne sound : BTC 21570A and BTC 21609A
  • Air pressure tested and Air permeability achieved : 1.15 m3 .h-1 .m2 @50pa
  • The panels have been fire tested for 3 hours with 3900kg weight with no movement
  • The flooring was tested with 3900kg for 2 hours successfully

Panels are made in 1200mm wide x 2400mm high, and can be made up to 3m high.

These eco-panel units slot in and click into place, then adhered with adhesive and a few screws. Quick and easy to fit together.

Enviropanels® are unique for building structures and have been specially designed and tested to be fitted into wet areas or areas susceptible to flooding.

Any building type will be built on a metal frame support which will be bolted down to concrete 100mm from the ground, or up to any height required. Every unit can be made to suit the architect or client’s requirements.

When delivered to site, all panels are numbered for ease of erection by qualified Envirograf® installers.


Internal view


External view

The electrical wiring system has been developed so a fire within a room, hallway, or staircase complex is protected. In the event of a fire, once furnishings, lights, and debris are cleared, the first layer of boarding is removed and replaced. Cables are then pulled down slightly, with new panels cut and re-boarded.

All burnt areas within rooms, passageways or stairs can be repaired within hours to allow for occupants to move back into the property promptly.

Internal walls are replaced with plasterboard, whilst external walls with be replaced with either magply or weather defence boards.


Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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