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MOULDBLOK Fire protection

Following tragic news stories regarding the extremely health-damaging effects of living with mould at home, Envirograf has launched MOULDBLOK, a coating system that provides both mould protection and fire protection on walls and ceilings.  The system comprises three products: MOULDBLOK AP for the initial surface coating of internal walls, MOULDBLOK FR that is applied over MOULDBLOK AP, and MOULDBLOK EX for coating external walls to protect against damp and mould.

MOULDBLOK AP is a mould-resistant adhesion primer. It is an initial coating to be applied onto internal walls by brush or by wiping over.  It provides a key for the next coat which also provides fire protection.  

Mouldblok FR is a fire protection coating which can be applied onto internal walls and ceilings,

including lath and plaster surfaces.

Mouldblok EX is a coating for external walls to protect against damp and mould. It can be

brushed on or rolled on.  Simple to use and very effective.

Envirograf® Products are in use all over the world, with an extensive, well-established base of

many thousands of satisfied customers. Trust Envirograf® for your passive fire protection

requirements and more. Contact our Technical Team for more information of our products.

Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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