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International Firefighters’ Day 2022

Celebrating the lives and sacrifices of firefighters around the World

A tragic incident on December 2, 1998, in Linton, Australia which saw the unfortunate death of 5 volunteer firefighters, led to the worldwide proposal of International Firefighters’ Day (IFFD). This day honours all those who have served or have given their lives in the fight to protect people, places and wildlife against the dangers of fire.

International Firefighters’ Day is remembered by wearing a blue and red ribbon, symbolising the elements of fire and water. This also includes a brief moment of honour in the afternoon in memory of serving firefighters.

The fight against fire has shaped our nation’s regulations, including H&S measures which protect both buildings and their occupants. By implementing passive and active fire measures in buildings, we can protect current as well as future generations from the dangers of fires.

How you can Help to Support UK Firefighters

You can help by volunteering in the force to protect your area from fires. There are also different charities which support retired firefighters and those who have served in fire services, and their families:-

The Firefighter’s Charity

National Association of Retired Firefighters

Volunteer as a Firefighter

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