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Firoblok testing at Oldbury Fire Station

As part of our continuous innovation and development of products, Envirograf® were invited to test their Firoblok® intumescent sleeves at the Oldbury Fire Station alongside construction and fire safety professionals.

The Firoblok® intumescent sleeve wrapped around the flue pipes measuring at 100mm and 107mm, and finally placed within a block cavity. Filled with kindling, the on-site firemen safely ignited the cavity using blowtorches. Within minutes, the outer layer of the Firoblok® intumescent sleeve began to react to the intense heat. The intumescent released and expanded to crush the pipes, thus preventing serious firespread. In a real case scenario, the fire would have ravaged through a building and continued to spread without intumescent protection. The demonstration had proven that Firoblok® intumescent sleeves are a suitable fire stopping material for buildings and properties. The Firoblok® sleeves also prevent spread of flame in flue pipes in the event of a fire.

The fire test lasted for over 40 minutes and was subsequently extinguished by the Oldbury Station firemen on site.

Firoblok® intumescent sleeves are suited for a range of products, including trunking, pipes and cables.  Lightweight, flexible and also easy to cut to size. Its fire protection properties make it a suitable option for protecting homes as well as general buildings.

Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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