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Fire Testing Aluminium Composite Panels

Testing fire resistance on 3mm aluminium composite panels with 0.2 skin and LDPE Core

Our recent fire test on aluminium composite panels proved successful with the protection of our water-based, fire-resistant coating. The first test piece, held in a vice with 2 pieces of softwood on the back, tested the integrity of the composite panel. A bench test using a triple-headed gas burning torch over the aluminium composite panel heated at 700oC. The panel continued to burn for 60 minutes in total. The flames did not ignite the core, and therefore the wood samples remained intact and unburnt. A few layers of fire-resistant coating successfully protected the composite panel.

Triple headed gas burning torch
The fire-resistant coating expanded under intense heat and did not burn through

The second fire testing of aluminium composite consisted of a second panel sample, coated in fire-resistant paint and placed in the furnace. Using 13mm plasterboard pads on the edges, thus allowing cold air to pass and flames from the furnace to breakthrough. The total duration of this test was 36 minutes.

Internal furnace photo
An internal view of fire-resistant coating providing a layer of protection on the aluminium composite panel

Coated panels provide at least 45 minutes of fire integrity from both sides. This gives ample time for the occupants to evacuate the building and also for fire rescue services to arrive on the scene.

The aluminium remained in the furnace for a further 30 minutes, thus exposed to heat for 50 minutes in total. When tapped with tools, the aluminium face remained rigid and intact.

Aluminium composite panel sample
The fire-resistant layer was cut away, revealing a rigid aluminium face beneath

Occupants living within multi-complex buildings clad in aluminium composite panels will benefit from applications of fire-resistant paint.

Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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