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Envirowall Eco House Post-Event News

As a response to the Grenfell tragedy, Envirograf has manufactured fire-resistant panels for the purpose of constructing eco-homes and flats. As part of a large-scale fire test, we constructed an eco-house made of these prefabricated panels to demonstrate its fire resistance and integrity. The panels are manufactured with MDF board, insulation slabs and mastic adhesive to create a fireproof panel, suitable for use in walls or ceilings. The panels have been fire-tested, as well as airborne sound tested and thermal tested.

The eco-home structure was constructed with fire-resistant panels, painted internally with HW01 coating, with electricals circuits installed for lighting and switches, and then fully furnished to replicate a traditional home. The windows had reinforced glass panes to withstand rising temperatures.

envirowall eco house

On Thursday 22nd July, the furnished eco-home was set alight in both the living area and bedroom, with windows remaining open to circulate air. Over the next several minutes, the smoke began to darken and thicken, burning through the furnishings and other flammable materials. Fires were compartmentalized to the room of origin and did not spread through the building. The test ran successfully for 50 minutes, and remained standing without any damage to the external face of the building. The test saw over 30 guests in attendance, who were able to witness the structural resilience of the eco home.

fire testing eco house

Envirograf wishes to express their thanks to everyone who came to attend the open day and are grateful for your support of our fire product innovation and fire testing. We look forward to seeing you again for our future fire testing open days and events!

The event is also featured on Kent Online news.


Envirograf ® products are tested to British Standards & European Standards at approved test centres.

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